Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Where's the Sun

Started out a nice bright sunny day, but that didn't last long. It clouded over and we've had droplets of rain now and then. Heavy rain is in the forecast. For the next day or so.
Today was a quiet, relaxing day. Just watching TV, listening to music, and playing on our puters. Tonight we're going to Sonic, it's an old fashioned type of drive in restaurant. Kind of like our old A & W driveins. The servers actually have roller blades and serve you in your car that way. It has burgers and in Ken's eyes that's the best meal EVER !!!
A few more RV's have rolled in over the last couple of days, but it's still very much for the most part, empty. I'm expecting alot of Canadians will arrive once March break hits. Is that next week? I don't know, but soon.
My sister, Marlene is due to arrive on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing her. Should be a good time with all 3 of us together.
Until later...take care..

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