Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Goodbye to one of Jackson’s Best Buddies, Koby

Today our dear friends, Tee and Lois had to say goodbye to their beloved Golden, Koby.   It’s such a very hard thing to do, saying goodbye and making the decision to do so.  It takes a deep, deep love for your friend to do that and not wanting to see them suffer any longer. 

Last year in Ocala, we met the 3 of them for the first time and we were supposed to meet up again this year here in Texas, but just a few days before they were to leave Koby had a nose bleed.  They made the decision to stay home this year as it appeared that he would need further tests and medical supervision.  As it turned out he had cancer and there was nothing they could do.

Tee and Lois, our hearts are breaking along with yours.  Koby was a great guy, gentle soul and a wonderful friend. 

Goodbye Koby, run free and happy my friend.

Jackson & Koby (7)Jackson & Koby (4)Jackson & Koby (8)Jackson & Koby (14)


  1. Yes it is truly oh so hard making that decision & having to say good-bye to a beloved best Pal one last time. It still tears me to this day having had to make those decisions in the past & I well understand how your friends are feeling. Time is the healer of broken feelings & it is time which will now slowly bring them comfort & better days........

  2. So sad when this decision has to be made. I sure understand and hope you will convey my condolences to your friends. Perhaps our Rusty and Poppy will meet Koby at Rainbow Bridge.

  3. Oh how tough it is to handle that decision ..... Koby looks very much like my Duke .... We are thinking about your friends and hoping they will keep the memories close...send our best ....

  4. That's never an easy decision but as pet owners I guess it comes with the territory. We're very sorry for their loss.

  5. Loosing a pet is so very hard to do, just breaks your heart.
    Sorry for their loss.