Friday, 29 March 2013

Almost Time To Go Home

We head for home Monday morning.  We have been slowly getting things organized for the trip.  It’s amazing how settled in you get in 3 months.  I tidied up the basement and found alot more room under there. 

We have had a couple really cold nights.  One night it was almost the same temperature here as it was back home.  I actually put the blanket back on the bed. 

We are planning on spending 4 nights on the road going home.  I have checked the weather on the way and so far (*touch wood*) it is just fine.  We are all ready to be on our way and back home.  The saying ‘there’s no place like home’ applies to all of us.  Including Jackson and Arthur.

We have made a few really good friends this year.  We have addresses and personal info for several.  All but one live in Ontario.  The other friends we made are Koby’s Mom & Dad who we will be wintering with next year.  I hope to see several, if not all, of them this summer.   We have invited Koby and Mom & Dad to spend some time with us in our home.  Koby can swim in Jackson’s pool too. 

Our first stop will be Cecil, Georgia.  So until then….take care and for all of you who are heading safe out there.


  1. Can't believe the time has come and gone....and it's already spring.
    I do understand what you mean about how much there is to pack away after a stay...

    Be safe in your travels home. This ole Georgia girl has never heard of Cecil.

    Hugs to Jackson!

  2. I've been putting off cleaning out our basement so we can load all of our chairs and mats but I've run out of time. It has to be done this weekend as we're heading home this Tuesday.

    Safe travels home and enjoy the drive!

  3. Yes, the time has come to head back to Canadian soil to satisfy the tax man and to fall within the borders of our travel insurance.

    Safe trip back. We head out on Wednesday and to take four days to get back too.