Monday, 11 March 2013

This n’ That

Is exactly what we’ve been doing and not really much of ‘this n’ that’. 

Those of us who have wintered at this campground have all been disappointed in the lack of activities and ‘community’ feeling.  There has not been one pot luck where they have included the non-owners.  That would be people like us, the transients.  We ‘transients’ have found that the owners gather together for happy hours, pot lucks, and other social activities, but not once have they included any of us.  Those that we have talked with say, like us, that they are not coming back next year.  People don’t snub you, they say hello as they walk, ride, drive by, but they sure don’t include us in their social functions.  The sites are available to purchase and there are many of them that have been purchased.  So that is why we have booked next years winter in Texas.  Several of our transient friends told us that it’s a great FRIENDLY place to go.  They have lots and lots of social activities and such.

It’s a shame because this place has lots of potential.  It has recently changed hands so perhaps in time the attitude will change.

We met some lovely people here from Indiana who have a golden.  I think I mentioned before that Jackson and Koby also became fast friends.  Unfortunately, they left for home last Saturday, so all 3 of us have been a little lonely.  We leave for home 3 weeks today. 

I took several pictures of Jackson & Koby visiting just before they left.  I’ll add a few here.
Jackson & Koby (5)
Jackson & Koby (19)
Jackson & Koby (8)

So until later then…take care.


  1. Jackson and Koby are two peas in a pod....or is that two pups in a! We just know Jackson is one sweet boy and any friend of his is a friend of ours!

    Hope your last 3 weeks are sunny and warm.

  2. Sounds like a bunch of snobby folks at that park. At least the dogs seem friendly to each other so that's nice.

  3. For our first couple years fulltime we stayed in parks for a month or so, but found a lot of the have these little "Clicks" and they don't make transients welcome.
    So we enjoy more moving every week or two (membrship parks make this affordable) exploring new areas, uninvolved with the local politics and really enjoy our time together alone.
    We do frequently meet new people, and enjoy "Happy Hours" and a bit of socializing. But do not care much for pot lucks. Also don't get involved with activities either, but thats just us.
    Safe travels home.