Saturday, 13 April 2013

Colour me Very, Very Bad!!!

Yes that’s right .. my bad.  I should have blogged a long time ago.  No excuses, just plain lazy.  And plumb wore out.

We had an uneventful, good trip home.  We spent 4 nights on the road.  There was good weather, no rain, snow or otherwise.  That was a blessing.  The nights were chilly but with the furnace, fireplace, and electric space heater, there was absolutely no problems.  The crossing at the border was uneventful.  As usual, Jackson broke the ice.  It just seems that everyone who meets him falls in love.  The fellow was a little stiff until he asked us to unroll the back window and Jackson of course stuck his big head out.  That was it, the guy was patting him and rubbing his neck.  His whole attitude changed after that.  Amazing!!!  We really didn’t have anything to declare anyhow, usually never do.

We got the fridge contents and necessary items emptied out of the rig the first day, and left the rest for gradual emptying after that.  We took everything out of the basement and I went through it all.  Anything that had not been used in a couple years, went into another bin and will be stored in the garage.  I think we got rid of at least 3 bins under there.  Should give us more room.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be somewhat warmer so we will get out there to vacuum, wash floors, clean the fridge and the bathroom.  Then Monday or Tuesday we’ll take it back to the storage lot.

It was very cold the first day home, well below freezing (that had not been predicted earlier!!!) so I left the furnace on in there because I really didn’t want to have to winterize again.  I have just left it running in there at about 55 to keep the chill out and hopefully keep the pipes from freezing.  We have had disgusting weather since we’ve been home.  Rain, freezing rain, ice pellets and that dreaded 4 letter word SNOW.  Did someone not tell the weatherman that this is April for Pete’s Sake?????

It sure is wonderful to be home.  As much as I love being away in the rig, there really is no place like home.  I think Jackson and Arthur would say the same thing too.

Next trip out isn’t until July.  Till then we will be kept busy, opening Jack’s favourite thing THE POOL.  Planting flowers, cleaning up the yard.  But first, please warm up.  I’m spoiled, I don’t like this cold. 

Anyhow, until a later time…take care, drive safe.


  1. Glad you are home....hoping your weather warms up soon!

    One look at Jackson and your heart melts! He will have friends anywhere he goes!

  2. glad that you landed safely at home! enjoy the stay in the 'big house' till the weather warms up! We had the full meal deal in the weather department today too..from sun, rain and snow!

  3. I'm hearing that the weather is supposed to warm by the 22nd when we cross the border. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Spring returns for home often seems to be like a game of dodge ball when snow birds hit the road. You guys found a good travel window. Spring storms so often raise their temper though.

  5. Sounds like you've been up to the same chores as us with emptying our rig. I haven't even looked at the basement yet! We're lucky here as our weather has been warm and dry since we got home just a few days ago.

  6. Always nice to be home, even if the weather is less than good.

  7. Ruth,
    Thanks for the idea about the duct tape. I just didn't think about that. There doesn't seem to be any other way to tie that arm down, so I'll give the tape a go tomorrow morning before I head out.