Saturday, 15 June 2013

Just Checking In

It’s been along time since I blogged.  I typically don’t blog much once we return from our snow birding.  Although I do enjoy reading my fellow bloggers day to day activities, and don’t find them boring at all,  I do think that mine are just plain boring so I don’t blog.  I think I mentioned before and several other bloggers have said the same thing, that I started this blog so that my kids could know where I was, what we were doing etc. while away.  But as it turns out, none of them read it or even appear to really want to.  Shows what I know!!!!!!

As those of you with ‘sticks’ homes you know they keep you busy.  For us, it was opening the pool, planting flowers, and just general tidying up the back and front yards.  We just finished having a new roof put on the house.  And we also had to have a new pool heater installed.  What a difference that makes!!  The other one took forever to get up to the temperature, no so this one.

Ken and I are in the middle of updating our guest bathroom.  We had our own ensuite done professionally last year, but we decided we could tackle the guest one as we didn’t need the whole thing to be gutted like our ensuite.  And we weren’t changing the layout as in the ensuite.  So Ken remove the old vanity, toilet etc.  We just left the tub/shower in tact as it’s just fine.  I have ordered new vanities and toilet.  See Rick you’re not the only one covered in drywall dust.  It’s amazing how many holes you make in your walls over the years.

As much as we love our home, once home for awhile we really miss the RVing life.  We don’t use the RV much in the summer mainly because the house requires someone to around due to the pool and flowers to be tended to.  Ken keeps saying the ‘downsizing’ word.  If I could find something and somewhere I really liked then I’m game.  But I do keep checking the real estate listings.

We are taking the 5er up to Cookstown for our yearly birthday visit with my sister.  My other sister is also coming.  Ken said ‘you ladies have a good time’..and opted out!!  So he’ll be staying home with the critters.  That won’t be for another month anyhow.

GEDC0092 GEDC0095GEDC0093

Jackson, as usual, has one of his ‘babies’ in his mouth.  I really don’t know what he would do if he didn’t have one.  And this is one of Arthur’s favourite spots…

Well that’s all for now..until later then, take care and drive safe..


  1. What a beautiful home! I do remember the upkeep...we could always find a project to do! So will you drive the 5er for your outing with your sisters? If so, I am way impressed!

    I'm sure Jackson loves the pool! Give him a hug!

    We are still in Moab...we leave next Sat. For a week stop over in Park City and then it's on to Polson, MT for July.

  2. your home looks beautiful! See, you can write while you are at home! enjoy the pool this summer!!

  3. We don't snowbird yet so do all our rving in the summer... the pool isn't opened yet, and the trees are closing in on our rural property... sometimes downsizing seems like a good idea, or at least leaving in the winter when there is so much less maintenance!

    Enjoy your sister time :-)

  4. Like you , we seldom, if ever, use our 5th when back from our snow birding journeys. A sticks and bricks house does indeed keep one busy. We did downsize but the work only dropped off a bit.

    Good luck with the renovation.