Saturday, 9 February 2013

Still here!!

I haven’t blogged in awhile.  The days all seem to run together and one does loose track of time.  But I do read everyone else’s blog every morning.

I also had a really bad bout of my vertigo.  I first had an episode about 20 years ago.  And through the years I’ve had several minor attacks of it.  But this time it was the worse one I’ve had since that first one.  It’s a terrible thing.  If any of you have any had ‘a wee bit too much to drink’ and the rooms starts to spin when you lay down that is exactly what vertigo is except it happens laying down, sitting down, standing up.  It’s awful.  I had this attack for just over a week.   Poor Ken had to fend for himself, I’m afraid.  Fortunately I was here to at least instruct him in his less than perfect culinary skills.  But, (cross my fingers) it seems to have abated and I hope it stays that way for a long time

We have been trying to find a place to go this coming winter.  We have found nothing here in Florida that strikes our fancy so started looking further afield.  I was looking at southern Texas when it seemed that we started running into people who had been there and said how much they loved it.  So we are looking at a place in Mission Texas called Bentsen Palm Village.  It receives excellent reviews.  Right now this one is on our radar.   If any of you have been there or heard anything about it, please let me know.

Back home they were hit with a major snowstorm, but the US east coast got hit really really bad from the news that I watched.  I talked to my sister who lives just north of Toronto, and they got about 1 1/2 feet of the white stuff.  She sent some pictures of her back deck and front yard.
IMG_0056=1  IMG_0059-1

this one is off the news..(the driver was killed)

that apparently was right around where we live just outside of Toronto.  When we see this stuff we’re so glad we’re not back there.  Although being retired makes it so much easier if you are.  Once I retired and before we started coming down here the snow didn’t bother me because I knew I could just honker down and I didn’t have to drive anywhere in it.   Before retirement, fighting traffic trying to get to the office was a horror!!!!!

Today we are going to head to some big Flea Market that’s close by here.
How would you like to have a golf card like this..check out the price.

It was also military day and they were selling all sorts of everything’s a jeep you might consider..

and you can still get a haircut for $7..

Didn’t buy much, they had a lovely farmers market, bought some tomatoes, and mushrooms and some cat grass for Arthur to eat.

Well until later..take care.


  1. Can't imagine what that vertigo is like, but I'm glad it has abated for you.

    As for the snow, I only want to see it in pictures...

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Do I see new bikes in your picture? And I love the awning sunscreen!

    Haven't heard about Mission or Bentsens Palm Village....will check it out! Have you looked in Rockport, TX ? When we were in Victoria for Dec., everyone there said it was really nice.

    Hugs to Jackson!

  3. nice to get an update from you Ruth..sorry to hear about the vertigo..Doug suffers from Meniere's Disease..vertigo, tunnitis and nausea, and no balance most of the time..not fun!
    the attacks can be very debilitating, thank goodness he hasn't had one in while.

  4. I have just a bit of the vertigo and cannot imagine how miserable it is for you. Glad it is subsiding.

    No snow in Arizona! Just lots of sunshine....ahhhhh

  5. We've never been to Mission Hills so I can't offer any opinions about the place you are referring to. Hope the Vertigo symptoms subside quickly.