Tuesday, 31 August 2010

We made it

This will be a short one today.  Too tired to get my brain in gear.

We made it to St. George, Utah today.  The park is very nice, but there is no shade at all and it is hot, hot, hot here.  Registering 40 degrees.  And no break in site for several days.

I contacted a fellow that does mobile RV repairs.  He’s coming over tomorrow to take a look at our awning.  Ken will go up on the roof once it’s much cooler, later this evening, to remove the restraints.  With this heat I’m afraid that the duct tape might be fused to the rig.

No pictures today, I drove the car.  And there really wasn’t much to see.  But I will take some tomorrow in the early morning of the park and include them in my blog tomorrow.

We stopped and FINALLY had the rig weighed.  This is a very critical thing to do.  You should not weigh more than what they tell you in the stats for the rig.  And good news we are way under.  Gross weight is 24,000 and we are just over 21,000.  I was very careful when I packed up cause I knew we would be going over the mountains.  We removed lots of things that we felt we wouldn’t need on this trip and left them at home.

It is supposed to get cooler tonight, oh I really hope so.  If it’s this hot next week when we are supposed to be going out into the canyons and stuff,we will roast. 

We are the very first people from the caravan here so far.  I imagine that some will arrive in dribs and drabs over the next couple of days.

So until later…take care.

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