Thursday, 26 August 2010

Lake Anita State Park – Iowa

This is us tanking up before we hit the road.

Tanking up

And these were taken at the last campground, this was the view out of our front window.

Geneseo Campground Ken and Jackson Ken and JacksonGeneseo Campground Ken,Jackson and Maggie Ken, Maggie and Jackson

This is a lovely park, we are overlooking the lake.  The sites are spacious, but a little tricky to back into.  We had to unhook the car and back in.  But it has full hook-ups, sewer, water and 50 amp power.  Very pretty spot, level site.  No wifi and we have a big tree blocking our dish signal, but that’s ok because we are picking up several local channels. 

The drive was good, road was straight as an arrow.  I always thought that Iowa was flat and plains.  Not so, hills, lots of hills, we are actually at an elevation of almost 1500 feet.

Mississippi River Sign Mississippi RiverMississippi RiverMississippi River #2 

We crossed the Mississippi River today.  Didn’t realize it came up this far, but it does.  I have never seen so many trucks on the highway as on this highway.  Huge, beautiful trucks.  Every colour of the rainbow, sparkling clean.  They must have cost a fortune.  All their rigging, chains, bungees, neatly stashed behind the cab.  These guys obviously love their trucks.

We passed a town that is has introduced wind turbines for their power.  I actually think that they are beautiful, graceful, not ugly like some people think.

More Wind Turbines Wind Turbines Please ignore the bug goo on the window.

Well that’s all for today.  Really miss my internet, if we could find a Verizon store I would sign up for one of their rockets, but haven’t really left the highway much except for Jackie stops and gas.  I’ll keep looking. 

Until later..take care.

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  1. For some reason not a lot of Iowa campgrounds have Wi-fi, Don't forget almost all McDonalds have it and it is free in most. I used it when I was in Fort Madison IA. I think there is a lot to see up there. Have fun. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.