Saturday, 7 August 2010

2 Weeks to Go

Just a quick note to say that 2 weeks today we’ll be on our first leg of our Grand Canyon Trip.  If I am lucky enough to have an internet connection at the campgrounds, I will blog everyday and hopefully upload some pictures.  We are going to Utah, Arizona, Colorado on the main part of the trip.  We plan to hit New Mexico, Texas and some other states we’re never set foot in on the way home. 

It’s count down time, the rig goes in for a check-up, then we bring it home and start our packing up.  I keep a pen and paper by my bed cause I always wake up in the middle of night and say ‘I must remember this or I must remember that’ then proceed to stay awake cause I’m trying hard to remember.  Dumb.  So by keeping pen and paper handy, I can jot it down and it makes sleeping a lot easier.

So next time .. we’ll be on the road (and as my Mom used to say God willing). 


Addition – don’t forget to follow us on our adventure starting August 21st..see you here.

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