Sunday, 29 August 2010

Not a Happy Camper or should I say RVer

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Ok, today was supposed to better than yesterday.  In one aspect it was, the road was fine, no major hills.  I did not have to drive the car today.   But….about half way from our destination one of our little side awnings decided to quit.  It started to unravel.  Great..just great.  So we stop and we are able to unravel it fully and get it ravelled back up again.  Ok we think we’re good to go.  Nope, not so.  Our pull strap is back somewhere on Highway 70 and it started to unravel again.  We stop and try and figure out how to secure it.  The only way we can think of is to bungee it.  We did this and it sort of worked, not great.  We had to reduce our speed to about 45 for the last 50 miles so as not to have it go flying down the highway.  We get here to the campground which is in the middle of nowhere and there are no RV dealers in town.  Isn’t that wonderful.
Ken went and talked to the KOA owner and he suggested duct taping it down.  We have no choice, this is what we will have to do, I guess.  There are 2 RV dealers in the town where we’re headed.  If they can’t, then it will have to wait till we get to St. George, Utah, day after tomorrow.
I belong to a great forum where there are long time full time RVer’s and I contacted them.  They said it sounded like one of the springs was broken.  Lovely !!!!!

So that was our day.  The campground is ok.  Has all the hook-ups, our dish is picking up some channels.  We had a really quick windy rain shower go through.  The sky is overcast, maybe that’s why we are not picking up a great signal.  Looks like we’re in the middle of the desert here.  I guess in a way we are.

The scenery today, although spectacular due to the mountains wasn’t really pretty.  But I’ll post some here anyway, you decide.

Until later…take care.  Wish us luck tomorrow with this dumb awning.

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