Friday, 27 August 2010

Hwy 76..crappiest roads in the country

The above title says it all.  Once we left Nebraska and hit Hwy. 76 in Colorado, it went to hell in a hand basket.  The road was a disaster!!!!  Ken’s nerves had been worn to a frazzle by the time we got here.  We are in Memorial Park, Brush, Colorado.  It’s a little park with water and hydro hook-ups.  Free, that’s good.  I’m not uncomfortable but I don’t feel as secure as I do in a campground and of course the signs along the highway coming into this area don’t bode well.  ‘Correction facility in the area, don’t pick up hitchhikers’.  Well that just gives me a real warm and cozy, I tell ya !

We were on the road by 9AM was kind of hoping it would have been a little earlier, today was a long day, mileage wise.  And we fell back another hour in the time zones.

Heading West Westward Ho

Still More Constuction Guess What…MORE CONSTRUCTION

Passing Rig Thought this was a pretty rig passing us

Critters Sleeping All quiet for a little while

Monument Archway #2 Great Platte River Road Archway Monument

Monument Archway

This was impressive..has something to do with the old wagon trail.  If it hadn’t been so darn hot we would have stopped to check it out.  You can read more about it it here Click here

The Verizon stick is working great here in the park, 5 bars.  We parked under/beside as many trees as we could find due to the temperature being 99 F.  So it appears our dish can’t find the ‘bird’ tonight.  I’ll try again later.  If not I brought DVD’s. We do get 1 channel on our TV antenna.

As usual as soon as we park and get settled all the creatures crash.  It’s tough on them too, travelling.  But they have all been very good.  On our last gas up stop I took Jackson out for a pee break.  He stepped on a burr and couldn’t walk.  I tried to pull it out with my fingers and got a couple stuck in my fingers, which hurt like a son of a gun.  Fortunately I had taken a dodo bag and was able to pull it out with that.  Those little suckers are very sharp.  My fingers were bleeding. 

The scenery so far since we left Nebraska and entered Colorado has been blah.  I can see why they call this town Brush.  Right now we are at over 4000 feet elevation and tomorrow we go up to 10,000 in some places. 

Tomorrow’s stop is supposed to be New Castle, Colorado.  So until later..take care.

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