Thursday, 19 August 2010


Two more days to go and we’re off…I guess you could say that we are about 95% packed and ready.  The usual last minute stuff to add.  I keep a bag and add to it as I think of things or cross them off my list.  When the bag is full I make a trip to the rig.  This goes on several times during the day.

I want to thank Sam and Donna and Joyce as new followers..welcome.  Hopefully once we get on the road this blog will be more interesting.

I have tried to pack ‘light’ but I find that the food is by far the most weighty.  My freezer is jam packed full.  As we plan to take almost 2 weeks to get there, that is alot of food needed.  I don’t really want to have to stop and shop much, maybe just for the usual, like bread, milk and ‘liquid refreshments’.  By the time we reach the mountains for the last 500 miles, we should be considerably lighter.

So many things to get done around the house when we leave this time of year.  We had to close up the pool, put all the lawn furniture away, and dispose of all my potted plants.  Didn’t want to leave them out, they just would be dead in a week or so anyway.  Couldn’t see the point in asking my daughter to water them when there would be no one here to enjoy their beauty.  Just more work for her to have to do.  Backyard looks forlorn without all it’s summer finery and the pool not gurgling away.  But it’s one less job to do when we get back.

I checked the temperature yesterday in St. George, Utah which is where we hook up with the caravan and it was 100 F.   Jumping jiminy crickets!!!!  But at only 22% humidity it wouldn’t be like 100 here.  But do hope it has dropped a little by the time we get there in a couple weeks. 

As I won’t use my internet ‘rocket stick’ in the States (roaming charges OUCH) I’m hoping that the campgrounds on the way down have wifi.  I do believe that most places do have internet connections in some shape and form. 

Next entry will be on the road…so till then..take care.

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  1. Good luck on your trip, everything should be fine, and hopefully you will have fair skies, Be safe out there and keep us informed with pictures of the sights you are seeing. Sam & Donna.