Saturday, 21 August 2010

First Stop

We left the house this morning at 8 AM right on the dot, but then we had to go to the churchyard (this is what we usually do) to hook up the car as we don’t have room to do this at home.  The 38 footer just fits in the driveway with about 6 feet to spare, but we can’t hook up the toad.  

We had to stop 2X along the way, #1, Jackie had to do a #2 desperately, and stop #2 he had to have a #1 desperately.  Now Maggie could hold it till the cows come home, but I think Jackson’s problem is that he’s not totally relaxed in the rig and that gets his internal organs churning away like crazy.  You’d think after all the trips we’ve made he’d get over it, but he’s a VERY emotional retriever so guess that won’t change.  And we love him the way he is, so guess that goes with the territory.  Oh and the second stop he was so in need that we had to pull over on the highway curb.  Holy jumping jiminy, every time a truck went by the rig shook and shook.  I took the opportunity to use the biffy and thought I was going to get shook right off the seat!!!

The campground is nice, very rustic, lots of space between sites, lots of trees which is very nice but our satellite can’t find the ‘bird’ with all these trees so no TV.  No big deal.

It’s a back in site so we had to disconnect the toad, and it’s raining a little, mosquitoes galore.  Thank goodness for OFF.

We got here at 1:15, the drive was fine, straight, arrow like roads all the way.  Boring actually, nothing of value to really see. 

Tomorrow we are supposed to end up at Riverside, Michigan. 

Till then..take care.  (Where there is something worthwhile to take a picture of I’ll include them here.)

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