Sunday, 22 August 2010

And so onto Riverside, Michigan

We left Wheatley, Ontario at about 9 AM this morning.  Our next stop was the KOA in Riverside, Michigan.  We had to cross into the States today.  Over the Ambassador Bridge and into Michigan.
Ambassador Bridge Ambassador Bridge

There was a very small line up at the border.  They were asking to see passports even before we got to the kiosk.  He questioned us twice about how much money we had on us.  As though he didn’t believe us, as though we were coming in with scads of money.  He said ‘that’s not very much money for 2 months, what are you going to do after that???’  Ah, excuse me, haven’t you heard of ATM’s, Visa, etc.  Not many people travel with alot of money these days, you don’t have to anymore.  It was the most extensive check we’ve ever had.  Asked us many times if we had fruit, vegetables, kept telling him, No, I don’t buy those until I get into the US.  Two of them came inside, even read the label on the cat food bag????? What’s up with that???  Then Ken had to go outside and open the car and some of the bins.  They weren’t rude or anything, just thorough.  I didn’t have anything to hide, well maybe some raw dog food, but we got through.
US Canada Border Border

We got stuck in a traffic jam due to some construction where 2 lanes converged down to 1, lost probably 1/2 hour or so. 
Traffic Jam Traffic Jam

After that it was clear sailing…
On the Road

Campground is nice, roomy sites, lots and lots of open green spaces, great for the dogs.  Again though under trees, so no dish reception.  No biggie. 

Here are the 3 critters, in some of their favourite poses.  Jackson is our co co-pilot (is there such a thing?)  Maggie crashes on the couch and AFTER we get set up this is one of Arthur’s favourite places.
Jackson co-pilot Maggie Arthur

Until later..take care…

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