Saturday, 28 August 2010

No Repeats – I Hope

Just before Denver Notice elevation of 5009 BEFORE

We had not been looking forward to today.  This was the day that we hit Denver and the Rockies and the 10 mile climb up to 11,000 feet and the Eisenhower Tunnel.  Our rig has an Allison 6 speed transmission (gas) and we’ve been following the owners manual as how and when to use it, but we think they have misguided us.  Anyhow we’ll figure it out.  We started out up this 10 mile run but it was hard on the rig.  So we had already discussed what we would do.  We pulled over, unhooked the car.  I drove the car for the rest of the day and Ken went off in the rig with all the critters.  I was right on his tail mind you.  It was for 200 miles we did this, but the rig was under less stress ( and of course, Ken)

I was sooooooooooo disappointed because the scenery was spectacular and of course I couldn’t take any pictures.  It was amazing, very hard to even drive and not look around you.  For me it was an easy drive in the car, and as it is standard I was able to keep pace with Ken in the rig up ahead. 

The campground is beautiful, very rustic, a lovely babbling brook goes right by our window and the sound is great.  Jackson was no sooner out of the rig when he flew into the water.  It’s crystal clear, and flows in the Colorado River.  No A/C required tonight, all the windows are open, breeze floating through.  They will stay open tonight and we will sleep with the sound of the brook.  One big major negative to this place, the sites are erratic.  I drove around for 20 minutes before Ken came into the campground trying to figure out where we would fit.  But it’s a very nature oriented place.  Lots of trees, oh guess what, no dish reception.  What a surprise.  But they do have great internet.  I am in the process of making supper, pasta, yipee.  We’re starved.  I think we’ll sleep like babies tonight with the sound of the water.

So very sorry, no pictures tonight, but Ken says the route tomorrow, well there are NO 11,000 mountains to climb.  Man that was brutal.  And I can actually stay in the rig.  Amen….

Ok I went out and took some pictures or our site.  We are here at Elk Creek Campground, New Castle, Colorado.  So here you go…

Elk Creek Campground #2 Elk Creek Campground 

So until later…take care.

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  1. Sure looks pretty and peaceful there....I could stand some of that right now down here in TX.

    Travel safe, but have FUN!!