Monday, 30 August 2010

Better Day

Our site Richfield, Utah KOA Secured Awning #2 Secured Awning

Today was a much better day.  Ken managed to tied down the wayward awning and duct tape it.  It was rock solid, it wasn’t going anywhere.  It’s funny, you know, I would go out to Wal-Mart, or (in Canada) Canadian Tire and come home with all these things that I thought would be a good thing to have handy in our rig.  Example..rope, various duct tape, and lots of other Knicks and knacks that I thought just might come in handy sometime in the rig.  Ken would kind of give me the look, you know, shopping again. Well, yesterday, the rope was useful as was one of the duct tapes.  Guess I wasn’t so silly after all.

We decided not to bother looking for a RV place here in Richfield, Utah, but wait until we get to St. George where we’ll be for several days. 

There were at least 3 very long uphill hauls, up to 7,000 + so we decided as it was only 125 miles to give the rig a break and I drove the car.  I took Maggie with me for company.  It was a great drive, beautiful scenery and of course I couldn’t get any pictures.  But I figure there will be lots of similar scenery on our trip so can get pictures then. 

The campground is great.  Cable TV with lots of channels, so we didn’t have to get a site without trees.  We are sitting under trees, shaded, and there is a beautiful breeze going through the rig.   No need for AC tonight. 

So until tomorrow..take care.

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