Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Relaxing Day

Happy Birthday Danielle..21 wow all grown up.  Hope you have the best of days ever.

We spent a nice quiet relaxing day doing nothing really.  It was really hot here so we couldn’t even really sit outside with the dogs.  We turned on the air and came in and did pretty much of nothing.  Tomorrow we are heading for Anita, Iowa.  Apparently the campground does not have wifi, so if that is the case there will be no blog tomorrow. 

There is a lovely view out our front window of field and trees, no rigs, no campsites, just green field and trees.  Lovely, Jackson loves to run like a mad man in the field.  Good for him to stretch those youthful legs of his.

Before I forget I want to welcome a new follower.  Welcome Pat and thanks for joining us our our trip.

Also want to thank said lady for the lovely date and nut loaf, which is almost gone, and the raisin bread, which is well on it’s way to being gone.  They both were delicious.  Thank you very much for baking them for us.

Well until I can get an internet connection down the road..take care.

Oh and by the way..by clicking on the pictures in here they will enlarge.


  1. So glad you had a good trip today and the duct tape worked. lol.....really enjoying reading your blog each day, just feel awful when you have a rough day. Almost there!!!!!!

  2. Sorry I haven't been able to 'talk' to you, I've been with you all the way.
    Tried after Marlene hooked me up but I guess it didn't work. Olivia's 19th birthday today, I had the family for supper. Jill is flying on her days off so
    is in St. Andrews, NB. Dinner was very easy on me, as we always give he
    birthday person their choice for supper...Olivia likes Chinese so we
    ordered in. I made a choco. cake, with money inside. So glad to hear that
    things are easier for you and Ken. You will be able to rest up a little before
    you start out again.Now...how do you send this? Toodle for now...