Thursday, 26 August 2010

Grand Island – Nebraska

First let me welcome a new follower.  Welcome B.W. and Carol and thanks for signing up.

We got an early start this morning.  Filled up the rig with more gas and we were off.  The road was straight, up and down, over hill and dale, but straight.

Lots of wind turbines in this area..

Lots of wind turbines Wind Turbines Again

Went through Omaha today.  Was looking for Marlin Perkins everywhere but didn’t see him.  Guess he was busy at the TV studio. Click here

Welcome to Omaha

And so we continued down the road, listening to our XM radio.XM Plays On

We decided after one night of no internet, that we really didn’t want to be without it.  I like to check the weather for the day, and check on the next place we’re going to, and of course to stay in touch with people back home.  So we hopped into the car and drove over to the Walmart in Grand Island.  Best Walmart I have ever set foot in.  Huge, spacious aisles, clean. Anyway we picked up a Verizon stick and a month to month card.  Tomorrow night the campground we’re going to does not have internet so we shall see how well it works. 

So until tomorrow (hopefully)..take care.

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  1. We've become so dependent on Wal-Mart that we check on the Internet if the next area we are going to, has one. LOL. Carol prefers Super Targets but they are not plentiful. Let us know how the Verizon Stick works.