Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A ‘Do Nothing’ type of day

Ken and kids outside Our site stgeorge utah #2 stgeorge utah (click on photo to enlarge)

It was so nice to wake up this morning and know we didn’t have to drive anywhere.  Even though Jackson got us up really early as he usually does, it was just nice to know that we could linger over a cup of coffee and not have to put things back into their travelling position.

Ken managed to get all the duct tape and rope off the awning last night after the sun went down.  Amazing how the temperature drops once the sun disappears.  This morning the temperature outside said 15.  Opened all the windows and enjoyed the fresh air.  We left here about 9 AM to go to the Wal-Mart to get some groceries.  By the time we left the Wal-Mart about 1 hour later, the temperature had already started to rise.  We had left all the windows open in the rig and of course no air on so we high tailed it home.  It was fine in here but starting to rise.  So shut all the windows and curtains and put the air on.  Right now outside it says it’s 35 in the shade.  Hate having all the curtains down and closed but it’s the only way to keep the heat out.  Unfortunately it is way too hot to even begin to think about doing anything outside.  As soon as noon hits it’s time to move inside and you really can’t stand being out for long until the sun goes down.

Yesterday at 3 PM our time Yesterday at 3:07 our time..38 degrees outside and it went higher.

Last time I looked out, one of the caravan leaders had arrived.  Right next to us. 

Arthur enjoying the view Arthur enjoying the view at our last stop.

Have to call the awning repair fellow later on this afternoon, sure hope he can get it done fast, really need those up with the sun beating down on us.

Map Map on our bedroom slide out showing the states we’ve travelling in so far.

Forgot to include this the first time I published.  This is a print of the weather forecast for the next few days.


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  1. Hope you get the awning fixed soon, I get confused are you using Canadian or USA temps, I saw 38 which would be cold if USA and Hot if Canadian,also the 5 day forecast is in fahrenhite at 104 degrees, that's plenty hot. Can't remember your home town so I guess that is why I am confused, will have to remember when I get to Canada for a visit to switch over my In/Out thermometer since it will display either one.I will leave my thermostat in degrees fahrenhite as that is what we are used to. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.