Saturday, 4 September 2010

HOT !! HOT !! and still more HOT !!!

Haven’t written anything in a few days.  Nothing much to write about.  People are arriving in dribs and drabs.  Not quite half have arrived already. We’ve just been laying low because it’s been so hot, you just don’t want to do anything. Even going out in the car is disgusting.

The weather has been absolutely brutal, 107 degrees yesterday.   Our little weather guy said it was 43, and he’s in the shade.  Just a about and hour ago a very brisk wind picked up.  First wind we’ve had since we got here.  It was so brisk that we brought our awnings in.  They tell you here that if you are going out to bring your awnings in because a wind can pick up ‘just like that’.  And I can see what they mean.  We had gone out for a bit and forgot to bring them in.  Fortunately, it didn’t arrive until after we had gotten back.  The awnings really help keep the RV cooler though.  I will be so glad to leave this place next Friday.  It’s like being in Hades.  It’s not this hot in the other places on our tour.  Thank goodness.

Night before last the Wagonmaster held the happy hour over at his rig.  There was only 12 of us.  They put out some munchies and you bring your own liquid refreshment.  It was a fun time even though the temperature was still up around 100 degrees, 38 for us Canadians.  Then last night we had a LEO (let’s eat out) and went to a Chinese Buffet just across the road.  It was very good and there was about 14 of us.  The price was only $20 for both of us.  Thought that was a steal.

We had to go pick up some groceries today, so took a side trip to go see the big Mormon temple here.  It’s quite beautiful.  There’s a visitor centre there so we went in.  You are not allowed to go into the temple.  They have ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’ there to assist you and give you the history on the temple.  Nice to know the history, but don’t need the sermon.  They have a captive audience so take that opportunity to preach at you a little.  Didn’t need that, but I got some great pictures of the temple.  They have this beautiful statue in the front of the visitor’s centre of Christ.  Now those who know me know I’m not religious but this was a truly beautiful work of art.  So I took a picture. 

Statue Temple #3 Temple #2 Temple

Tried to get a good shot of the mountain in the background of the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Don’t think it looks as good in the picture as it does in real life.

View from Walmart parking lot

and..Arthur, as usual, in my seat…
Arthur chillin

so until later..take care.

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