Monday, 13 September 2010

Bryce Canyon

I am having difficulties with getting internet connections.  There is one here at this new campground but it just keeps dropping me.  I used my Verizon stick to post the last blog but don’t like to do that as it uses up all my bytes.  There’s a hotspot over a bit so will try and upload this one there.  If you don’t see a blog for a few days, it’s because I can’t get it uploaded.  I write them and as soon as I can upload they will be there.  May get a few at a time.

We had to get up early yesterday morning and be on the road by 8AM.  I hate those early starts.  It wasn’t a difficult drive, quite pretty.  I drove again though as we don’t want to stress the rig, but the hills were ok this time.  Next move there’s a doozie up and one down too.  12% grade up, and that’s pretty steep, and a 8% down and that also is steep.  So I’ll be driving again.

I have been having a really battle with Jackson eating Arthur’s food.  He didn’t touch it at first, I supposed because he didn’t realize that he could break down the barrier I put up and get at it.  Since he discovered that he could break down the barrier, every time we go out and leave them, he eats Arthur’s food.  Have strengthened the barrier, nope, he gets it down.  I think where food is concerned, nothing can hold him back.  So now poor Arthur will have no food down when we go out because I am going to have to put it up on the counter when we go out.  We are limited to the places that we can ‘hide’ his food in here.  And Jackson is determined.  So from now on, food comes up.

We arrived here at Bryce Canyon yesterday just about noon and we had a 1 PM tour that was scheduled for us.  So it was a mad rush to setup and get the dogs looked after and get to the bus on time.  We didn’t even get a chance to have lunch, so we had eaten breakfast at 6 AM and didn’t eat again until supper at about 6 PM.  The bus tour was really good, went up to 10,000 feet, what a view.  The pictures today are from that tour.  Today we are going horse back riding into the canyon.  All the caravan is going.  Should make for some really great pictures.  Tomorrow is a free day, so we are going back up to another spot as the view is supposed to be great.  Tomorrow night is a ‘cowboy dinner’.  Not sure what that entails, but I’m sure it will be good.
 Bryce Canyon Bryce Canyon #2 Bryce Canyon #3 Bryce Canyon #4 Bryce Canyon #5 Bryce Canyon #6 Natural Bridge natural Bridge #2 Rest stop

Until later…take care.

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