Tuesday, 28 September 2010

4 Corners & Monument Valley

We started off to an early start yesterday morning, thinking that we’d get underway around 8:30 AM.  Got all packed up, pulled in the slides, put up the jacks? put up the jacks? put up the jacks.  Ok, jacks not coming up.  Try a few things, nothing.  Ken goes and gets our tail gunner, the handy man.  He checks a few things, can find nothing wrong.  I haul out my manual for the jacks.  They have an electric console that you use to lower and retract.  I try all the troubleshooting options.  Nothing.  Our tail gunner, Bob, puts on his overalls and crawls under the rig to see if he can find anything amiss.  I keep fiddling with the console.  Finally, manually, I get 3 out of the 4 up.  Then lo and behold I finally get the 4th and final jack up.  We finally get underway, almost 1 1/2 hours later.  It was a long drive today, 194 miles. 

We stopped at the 4 corners monument.  This is where Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico’s border all actually touch, therefore the 4 corners.  Not much there, just the monument a few kiosks selling Indian jewellery.  So we were on our way.
We got here to Monument Valley.  Now the jack console is giving the error message on another jack.  So we don’t/can’t put the jacks down.  The site we’re in is a little uneven so we move the rig around until we can get it almost level.  It’s not a good idea to put out the slides out if the rig isn’t reasonably level and the fridge must be almost level or you could ‘fry’ it.  Only problem with the jacks not down is that the rig is a little rocky when you walk around.  I called Fleetwood and they gave me instructions on how to reset the console, but we don’t want to try this until we are somewhere there are RV repair shops.  So we will wait until we get to Sedona to try this procedure.  Next stop our Wagonmaster is going to try and get us the most level site. 
We went on a jeep ride today out into Monument Valley.  It was a 3 hour trip.  This is Navajo Indian territory.  The valley is beautiful.  A dessert with these beautiful peaks and spikes.  Today was not a very hot day and we left early in the morning so it was a very comfortable drive out in the valley in this open vehicle. 

Tomorrow we are on our way to Lake Powell, Arizona.  It is 133 miles.  We are there 2 days.  There is a boat cruise and luncheon on the boat.  Tomorrow night is another Pot Luck dinner.  I am making an Apple-Pineapple Betty dessert.

There is only 6 days left on the caravan, a week today we will be on our way back home.  I can hear my daughter saying YEAH !!!! 

4 corners Standing on 4 Corners 4 Corners

Our transport Monument Valley #4 Ken & Ruth The 3 Sisters Monument Valley #3 One of 2 Mittens Hotel with a view Monument Valley #2 Monument Valley

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