Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More Bryce Canyon

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Today we went on our own up to these 4 different lookout points.  Sunrise Point, Sunset Point,  Inspiration Point and Bryce Point.  It was amazing, wish I could come up with some other adjectives to describe it.  Amazing, spectacular, awesome, breathtaking, wonderful, candy for the eyes.  It’s a part of the canyon they all the amphitheatre.  We hiked quite a distance today, probably about 3 miles.  Walked on a path along the edge of the cliff.  It’s perfectly safe IF you stay on the path.  Where do you point the camera?  And without seeing it in person I’m sure all the pictures look the same.
We ended up at the Bryce Canyon Lodge which has a gift shop, of course, so I did a little shopping.  The have beautiful native Indian things, but very expensive. 
They were doing what they call a ‘controlled burn’ we noticed on the way up to the canyon.  By the time we got back, it looked like a forest fire to me, but it was still this ‘controlled burn’.  They had traffic stopped, just going one way.  Lots of smoke and as we passed it lots of flame. But they seemed to know what they were doing.  It’s only a few miles up the road and it’s a little windy today and we are downwind so you can smell smoke and actually the air is smokey.  Gets to the eyes after awhile. 
Driving thru fire Controlled Fire
Got back to the RV just after lunch so made some lunch and relaxed for the rest of the day.  Had a little nap, something I never do, but I was pooped.  Ken read his book.  Tonight there is a supper at a restaurant here on the property.  They have a huge buffet that looked really good, so we’re all meeting there for 6 PM.  Tomorrow we’re off to Torrey Utah.  It’s an arduous ride.  Big climb up, big grades down.  I think it’s the worse one of the trip.
Now this park claims to have high speed internet and maybe it does when you’re sitting right beside an access point, but we’re a little ways away.  It’s a huge park and they need more than 2 access points.  It’s most annoying.  This next place also claims to have internet, but I’m becoming doubtful of that statement.  We’ll see.  Thank goodness for my Verizon stick.

Well I’ll sign off for now…until later..take care.

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