Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Trip into the Past

Today we went on a small tour of St. George.  They had people who were dressed in period attire.   It wasn’t a long tour but interesting.  We went into the opera hall basement, but couldn’t go into the opera hall itself because they had just had the floors redone and they were ‘curing’.  What a shame, I thought that would have been very interesting to see.
1 set of pipes Pipe Organ Inside Tabernacle Piano in Brigham Young home Tabernacle

We toured the first Mormon tabernacle build here in 1871.  It’s a beautiful structure, nothing ornate about it, but I found that the building itself was beautiful.  It was built totally by volunteer people who were living here at that time.  Brigham Young had sent several hundred families out here to colonize the area.  And they built the tabernacle.  There is alot of natural building materials in the area except wood.  Lava stone, clay, they made adobe bricks from it.  The wood in the tabernacle came from Salt Lake City.
Piano in Brigham Young home Stove in Brigham Young kitchen Brigham Young

We then toured Brigham Young’s home.  Old, solidly build house.  My kind of century home except……no indoor plumbing.  He was the Mormon’s first ‘prophet’.  He started the Church of the Latter Day Saints.  He came out here with his ‘flock’ so that they could practise their faith without any interference from outside parties.  

After the tour lunch was at the Pizza Factory.  Excellent pizza and bread sticks. $8.00 each, a bargain.

Weather was great today.  Not hot, overcast which kept the sun’s heat at bay.  Was able to open up the window’s on the rig instead of turning on the AC units.  It was so nice to be able to do that.  Still warm, but not that unbearable heat. 

Tomorrow is a whole day tour of Zion.  The campground offers the services of someone who comes in and checks on the dogs, walks them, waters them, whatever you need.  Jackson won’t be impressed with being left for the day, but at least he gets out to stretch his legs and do potty.

So until later…take care.

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