Thursday, 16 September 2010

Capital Reef State Park

Yesterday, we travelled from Bryce Canyon State Park to just outside Capital Reef State Park.  It was a 113 mile trek and for up hills and down hills, it was the worse one yet.  I’m talking major climbs and downgrades.  According to the Mountain Directory West, they were classified as pretty tough ones.  I followed behind Ken in the rig.  It was a very beautiful drive, but didn’t get much of a chance to admire the view.  The roads were twisty, curvy so had to keep my eyes on the road. 
The campground we’re is pretty nice, we have trees which is nice and full hook-ups even though it’s only 30 amp.  But because the temperature is moderate there isn’t a need to have both A/C’s running full blast.
Today we drove over to Capital Reef State Park and as you will see from the pictures, again, awesome.  We hiked up a ‘wash’ click here for explanation for about 1/2 a mile or so.  It was warmer there than at our campground.  Very dry, hot and sunny.  You don’t want to forget your water when you go there.  When you stop and listen the silence is, as they say, deafening.  You can hear the wind.  Peaceful, beautiful.
Tomorrow we head for Goblin Park.  There is nothing there, no hook-ups, no water, sewer, electricity.  So we have to use the rigs resources tomorrow.  We are just there overnight.  I don’t know if I can get a connection with my Verizon stick.

Until later then…take care.

Hole in the rock Picture of Ruth taking picture Ken The wash Capital Reef State Park #6 Capital Reef State Park #5 Capital Reef State Park #4 Capital Reef State Park #3 Capital Reef State Park #2 That's me Capital Reef State Park

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  1. Hi Ruth and Ken...sorry I haven't talked to you, lately I've been preoccupied with a
    request a friend out West asked of me and I had to refuse......What amazing
    photos...and amazing rock formations and colour. I remember on our way to Vegas from Phoenix, we stopped at the edge of a gully, and when you
    looked across at the face of the rock, it was covered with openings. We
    were told that at one time, a tribe of Indians dwelled in the caves, and had paths down the face of the rock to the bottom to get water and food, I guess. Then they disappeared. whether from starvation or disease, they
    didn't say......You are certainly having quite an experience. Marlene said
    that Maggie is much improved. Have you ever heard of SierraSil. It is supposed to be good for muscle pain, for humans and animals. I've heard it advertised on 740 Sat. a.m. The wedding is one week today. I'm
    having someone come in over lunch and supper for Carl, surprisingly he
    didn't resist. ttfn Look forward to your next blog...take care..