Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Moab – on our own

Other than the first day where they had supper and the boat cruise planned, we have all been left to our own devices.  We have enjoyed it thoroughly.  Don’t have to be somewhere at a specific time.  It’s a nice break.  They did have a optional rafting trip today, but #1 there are no rapids and #2 the river is really scuzzy.  So we didn’t go.  Took the time to tidy up the rig and wash all the windows, inside and out.  My goodness I can actually see out.  No washing of rigs in campgrounds around here.  Considering the amount of rainfall they get a year, about 6 inches, they really need to preserve their water.  So I can understand the ‘no washing of rigs’ rule. 
Yesterday we drove the road through Arches State Park from start to finish.  I think it’s around 30 miles.  Really quite beautiful driving through there.  Of all the parks we have visited so far, it is by far the busiest.  Lots of tourists. 
We had one of our caravan members leave today.  She had only booked up to this point and she’s meeting up with a family member a couple hundred miles down the road.  She was a single lady, who had just acquired a Goldendoodle puppy, Maggie, just before coming on this trip.  She pulled a small travel trailer.  Very nice lady, and of course, her puppy was a people magnet.  Sweet dog, very good.  Always sad to say goodbye to someone.  It’s amazing how close you all become on these caravans.  I remember the one last year to the Maritimes, it was so hard to say goodbye to everyone, hugs and tears all around.
The leaders had planned a goodbye evening tonight for her, but for whatever reason she left a day early.  So we’ll have it without her. 
Still fighting with Jackson, trying to keep him out of Arthur’s food.  We have tried everything, and he manages to fight his way through every barrier we have put up for him.  Guess it’s back to picking up the food and putting on the counter when we go out.  What a bad dog !!!!

We’re leaving here tomorrow heading for Cortez, Colorado.  We are there 2 nights.  The temperature there appears to be alot cooler than here.  Don’t know how these people stand the heat, it’s brutal.

Internet here hasn’t worked for 2 days now and prior to that it was spotty.  Thank goodness for Verizon.  We are heading for a KOA in Cortez and they say internet, course so did this place.  Ah well….

Until later then…take care.
many movie sets here #2 Many movie sets here Arches Park #2 Group of elephants Arch in the making Arches Park

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