Sunday, 19 September 2010

Picking up Where I Left Off

When we got to Goblin Valley State Park, first thing we noticed was ‘it was a desert’!  The campground is just individual set up numbered sites.  We have never dry camped before so it was a new experience for us.  We filled our water tank at the last stop before Goblin and made sure our gas tank was full.  We knew we’d be running our generator for power.  What we didn’t realize was just how darn hot it was going to be there.  We got there about noon and the generator ran until about 6:30 PM so we could run the A/C’s.  It was 8% humidity.  You could just feel the moisture being sucked right our of your skin.  We took a hike down into Goblin Valley.  They really are unique.  Funny looking little things, some not so little.  But that was all there was to do there.
That night the caravan had a pot luck dinner, strange time, we thought considering that there was no electricity there.  But we all managed.  Actually we all (but 1) have generators. I made KD casserole and cooked it in the convection microwave oven.  There was alot of good grub there.
After dinner, the park ranger gave us a presentation about scorpions.  NICE!!  And then after the presentation you could go out an hunt for some.  Lots went, we didn’t.  No thanks.
As our rig doesn’t have an inverter (converts your battery power to DC power so you can use things, like TV’s.)  We had lights due to our battery power, but that’s it.  No generators are allowed to run after 10PM.  In the morning we had to turn it on so that we could run our coffee pot and toaster.  If we had an inverter, we wouldn’t have had to turn in on to do that.  When the generator was running we did have good satellite reception though.
But due to that and the heat we were glad to leave.
Goblin Valley Goblin Valley #2 Rig at Goblin Valley

Got to Moab yesterday.  It’s very hot here too, but we have full hook ups.  We are here for 4 days.  There was only one scheduled tour.  It was last night, dinner at a cowboy type place, I thought the food was excellent and after that it was a cruise up the Colorado River in a pontoon boat.  When we started it was light but it got dark pretty quick.  There was a commentary about the canyon, how it came to be, the people who have lived here, Indians, explorers etc.  There was a light show along with the commentary.  Hard to explain.  Here’s the website which will give you a better explanation click here
Today we went touring on our own.  Drove up into the mountains into the Arches State Park.  Hiked a bit.  But we had to get some groceries so came back and did that.  Tomorrow we will go and do some more touring and hiking.
Balancing Rock Balancing Rock #2 Moab Moab #2 Moab #3 Moab #4

Mock Wedding for our Anniversary

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