Monday, 6 September 2010

Official Start Day

Today is the official start day of the Caravan.  At 1 PM we are having our first orientation.  That’s where we get to know each other (although we’ve had several happy hours together since we’re been here) and talk about the tour.  They usually play some silly little games to break the ice and get people to open up.  We don’t have that problem .    Then at 6 PM they are having a big dinner for us.  It’s right here in the party room at the campground and it’s supposedly catered and they even supply the ‘liquid refreshments’.  Haven’t a clue what is being served but that’s not a problem for us.  We like just about everything.   I’ll discuss more about these 2 events later.

This morning Ken gave Jackson a much needed bath.  So for a little while he’s mostly clean.  This tour has several dogs and there is a 3 month old golden doodle, named of all things, Maggie.  She’s already a fair size and Jackson and her have had a few playful romps.  There is also another lab, chocolate, and another golden.  There is an Australian Sheppard, and she has very pretty colouring.  She appears to be fairly young too.  The rest are smaller dogs.  And there are a few cats also. 

Today is not quite so hot.  We actually had all the windows open till around 10:30 and then shut them and turned on the air.  The temperatures in our destinations are much lower than here.  I’ve been following them via the Weather Network.  Some of the night temperatures in the other destinations have been downright chilly.  Saw some in the 40’s.  I think that will be a welcome relief after what we’ve been through here. 

I will finish this later today after orientation and dinner….

Just got back from orientation at around 3PM.  There is always many laughs at these things.  We all introduced ourselves and talked a little about ourselves.  The leaders discussed a little about what’s going to be happening during the 29 days.  Like pot lucks, happy hours etc.  There was a draw and we won one of them so I picked a rain coat as the prize.  We had most of the other things, backpack, fanny pack, sun visors, but I thought that Ken could use the raincoat if he has to walk the dogs and it’s pouring.  The leaders had provided beer, wine, pop and munchies, meatballs, veggies and dip.  We had a fun time.  There is a tour tomorrow of the town of St. George for about 4 hours.  Dinner is at 6 pm, it’s now 3:30. More later….

Supper was excellent.  They had pulled beef, bbq chicken breasts, scalloped potatoes, salad and baked beans.  Peach cobbler with ice cream was for dessert.  Even better, no dishes to wash.  We are back in the rig now, relaxing and will call it a night soon.

After the tour tomorrow, we’ll all going for a pizza lunch.

So until later..take care.

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