Monday, 13 September 2010

Grand Canyon – North Rim

We arrived here yesterday at Kaibab Campground, about 40 miles from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Last night we had a kind of chili dog wiener roast, then you wrapped them in a tortilla, add various toppings like cheese, chili, hot sauce and roll it up and eat.  Actually it was very good.  Then we had smores for dessert.  This was all done around a huge campfire and put on our caravan leaders. 
The campground is out in the middle of the forest, under some large Ponderosa pines.  It’s very nice, dark and quiet at night.  We have full hook-ups, water, electricity, and sewer.  But there is no wifi here.  We do get satellite reception though.  Also do not get a signal on my cell phone.  My Verizon stick only shows 2 bars, sometimes 1, so internet is slow and I’m not going to upload this blog until tomorrow, where there is supposed to be internet.  We are at almost 8000 elevation so days are nice, nights are very cool.  Went down to 3 degrees C. last night.  Furnace was put on, let me tell you.

We left for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon about 9:30 this morning.  It’s a sight that is hard to put into words.  The North Rim is completely different than the south rim.  The south rim is the one is see in all the pictures and it’s where all the tourists go.  The North Rim is beautiful also, but different and hardly any tourists.  We are over 200 miles from the South Rim so we won’t be seeing it, this trip.  We walked around on some of the trails they have there, some, well you just don’t look down, just look straight ahead and keep walking.  We did alot of walking today.  Then we all met at the Lodge and had a excellent lunch.  After that some stayed, but we left to come back to the campground, there wasn’t much more to see and we wanted to get back for the dogs.  There are some mule rides you can take there that take you down into the canyon.  And some other trails that you could take.  But we were walked out as alot of the walking is downhill and of course that means uphill on the return.
GC North rim #10 GC North rim #9 Ken & Ruth GC North rim #8 GC Lodge GC North rim #7 GC North rim #6 GC North rim #5 GC North rim #4 GC North rim #3 GC North rim #2 GC North rim Buffalo at North Rim                

Tomorrow we are off early to Bryce Canyon.

Until later then…take care.


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  2. Wow!.....Some fantastic scenery. With all that walking you guys are going to come home like skinny minis....You big sis