Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Monroe, Michigan

First I would like to welcome 3 new followers.  Susan, Freely Living Life and Through Gates of Grace.

Was up bright and early this morning anticipating an early start.  Looked out and window, and what to my wondering eyes should appear..about 1 inch of snow on the ground.  Turned on the TV to catch the local weather and traffic situation.  They were saying that the roads were slippery and several cars had spun out.  Great !! just Great!!  We talked about what to do.  Didn’t really want to postpone for a day.  We decided to just postpone our departure by and hour or so.  Wait until the sun was up and to ensure all the salters and sanders had been out.  By the time we got the car hooked and on the road it was 8:30 and traffic wasn’t too bad.  A little slow but I think that was mainly due to it being the kids first day back to school and maybe some people too who had taken Christmas holidays.  Then after a couple hours we ran into an accident that was miles up the road, and we wasted 45 minutes trying to get through that.  Roads were fine, a little wet in spots, it was a very, very dirty drive.  Our poor rig and car look terrible.  We got here around 4 PM.  Got settled, even though the water here is in a heated enclosure we decided not to hook up.  It’s very cold here.  I don’t need to worry about frozen pipes.  And it’s very windy too.

First order of business when we parked and put out the slides, get poor Arthur fed.  Poor little guy had been in his crate all day.  I tried to let him out but he got scared and ran back in.  He’s fine now, stretched out on the bench at the table.  After that was to get the furnace and our 2 ceramic heaters going.  Place warmed up nicely.  I’ve turned on the electric blanket so that bed will be nice and toasty when we go to bed.  I really hate this cold weather %$#*%.

We’re staying at a campground here called Harbortown RV Resort.  We’ve stayed here before.  It was also winter last time we were here so I can’t really comment on any of their amenities, but we like it.  It’s easy in and easy out, nice long sites so we don’t need to unhook the car. 

Tomorrow’s goal is Shepherdsville, KY.  There’s a KOA there we’re heading for.

I was going to take a picture of the site but it’s just too darn cold and windy out there so I’m staying inside, thank you very much.

Hope we’ll all nice an toasty night in here, with the wind, it’s very bitter.

Until later..take care.


  1. It can only get better. Just keep on rolling down the road.......Joyce, your sis

  2. We have had a couple 'winter starts' in the past few years & it is not my favorite way to start out. The vehicles generally become totally coated in road salt. Pressure is always on to get as far south as fast as possible too. Safe travels & may you be into warm sunny temps very shortly:))

  3. Sounds pretty cold there! Hope you start to get some warm weather pretty soon!