Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cullman, Alabama

Very short one tonight.  Great drive today, the sun was shining all day, the roads were mostly pothole free.  We got here pretty early.  Around 3 PM.  It was about a 300 mile day. 

This campground is way out in the boonies.  Very nice scenery around here.  We have a site with full hook-ups, heated taps, and absolutely screaming wifi.  Price is right too $21 for the night.  We have left the water off as it is supposed to get down to around freezing tonight.  It’s not the weather I was hoping for, but it sure is warmer than it was a couple days ago and warmer than up north. 

So until later..

I’m sorry, I forgot to mention and welcome a new follower, welcome Rene and Jeanette Genereux.

Sorry for such a short, boring blog, but I’m dead tired today and heading for my pillow.  Night.

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  1. 300 mile drives & dead tired go hand in hand. Enjoy your rest.