Monday, 10 January 2011

Where’s the Warm Weather???

It is certainly warmer than back home, but it’s not the warm weather we were expecting.  Today it didn’t get past 45.  And windy again.  Last night it poured, but stopped after about a couple hours.  No sign today of the sun.  Tomorrow they predict 57, we’ll see.  But they are calling for quite nippy weather at night so it means I’ll be sticking the utility lights back in the bins where there’s water.

PICT0006 PICT0007

Yesterday we did a few more setup things.  Popped over to Wal-Mart again to pick up a few more things.  Today we drove around just to check out things.  Lots of fast food places, t-shirt places, and surf shops.  You can have your choice of any kind accommodation you like, hotel, condo, cottages, houses, the list is endless.  The beach looks beautiful, but it was far too cold today to even consider taking a walk on it.  The water was very rough and there was a warning out about rip tides.  We were very disappointed that all the beaches here say .. no dogs.  That’s a real bummer.  But there is a little lake here at the campground and they welcome the dogs to have a swim.  Right now it’s so darn chilly that they have no interest in doing so, but they will at some point when it warms up.

There’s a Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in town and it’s shaped like a big boat.  Then there’s another building where you can do interactive things and it looks like a building that’s been tossed upside down.  Quite interesting and we’re going to check out both of them soon.  Notice the palm trees upside down (they’re not real).

PICT0008 PICT0003 PICT0009

We feed our dogs a mostly raw diet.  Of course, we couldn’t bring enough of their raw food for 3 months, so I had looked up some places here that sell it.  Found one, but couldn’t find it, even using the GPS.  We will try again tomorrow to find it. 

This has become Arthur’s favourite place in the rig.

Arthur on dash

Sure hoping the sun comes out tomorrow, even if it’s chilly, it makes all the difference in the world if the sun is out. 

Figured I’d take advantage of being stuck in the rig and did a couple loads of laundry.  A pizza sounds really good for supper right now, haven’t decided yet.

Until later..take care.


  1. Sure hope it warms up soon as those beaches look pretty nice. Too bad about the no dogs allowed though. Our pups just love those long runs on the beach whenever they can.

  2. looks like Arthur has the primo spot!!!..lucky him!!

  3. Hey Guys! Heck, I didn't know you were leaving for THREE MONTHS? Where are you? xo

  4. Where are you guys --- I dont think we are too far apart---we are about an hour from Pensacola--will be here a few more days