Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Eagle has landed

We arrived yesterday around 4PM.  The drive took us 7 hours.  It was only 335 miles, but about 250 miles of it was on secondary highway and we had many lights, many small towns and many slow downs.  The roads were excellent just lots of stops.  We are on Central time here so we lost an hour.  And the ride seemed especially long because Jackson for some reason couldn’t settle.  He was panting like crazy and drooling .  He doesn’t travel well so we always give him a couple Gravol before we leave but for some reason it didn’t appear to work yesterday.  Fortunately he wasn’t sick.  I gave him some Pepto Bismol and that seemed to help him a lot.  When we got here Ken took him over to the pet park and he ran a few laps so there was evidently no lasting effects.

It was a lot warmer here than the place we left.  Still not summer weather, but so much warmer, the furnace never came on all night, just had our little ceramic heater going.

We are very pleased with the park.  People here are so very friendly.  It’s very pet friendly and that’s #1 in my books.  On weekends they do breakfast so this morning we headed over and had breakfast.  It was good and the best part was I didn’t have to cook it.  There is a zoo behind us, a small zoo where they keep rescued wild animals.  This morning we woke to a rooster crowing and a peacock calling.  And later a lion roaring.  But it doesn’t bother us at all.  Now if it were kids screaming ??? !!!!! that’s a whole different ball game.  Actually so far the place appears to be all snowbirds just like us.  There’s lots of palm trees and other greenery around and we like that.  Not ‘naked’ like some places.  Level, concrete pads, full hook-ups, cable TV, and free excellent internet.  They only charged us $3.00 to wash the rig.  For the filth that was on it, it should have been double.  There’s a heated pool, hot tub and games room.  We’re happy.

Today we made a quick trip over to Wal-Mart, picked up a couple things.  We tackled the rig and car this afternoon.  Took us about 4 hours to clean both with both of us working at it.  What a job!  But it was absolutely necessary.  I can actually see out the windows now.  All that’s left is to Windex the windows.  We’ll get to it.  Also did a load of laundry, but as I have a washer/dryer combo it’s no big deal.

Today I think I am just going to veg.  That sounds like a great plan to me.

All nice and clean.

Until later..take care.Nice clean rig and car


  1. Glad ya'll arrived safe and sound. Where are you staying in Panama City?

  2. safe landing..that is good thing..sounds like a great park!..enjoy your stay!