Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It’s a Zoo out there !!!

The new heading picture is our new site at the CG.   This is a picture looking up the street from our site.
At the Zoo (3)
Today dawned sunny, warm and beautiful.  Right now it’s 64 degrees F out there, clean blue sky.  Wonderful. 
I have never seen so many dogs in one RV park as this one.  99% of them are little, what I call ‘pocket dogs’.  There are a couple other big hulking goofs like ours.  Ken takes them over to the fenced in dog park and they have a ball.  Especially, Jackson if there is another dog in there.  There are 2 other big dogs here, a standard poodle, Cooper and a Labradoodle, Lady, and Jackson and them tear around like mad men.  He comes home and flops.  So good for him. 
Today we decided to visit the zoo that’s directly behind us.  It’s very small, probably set on only a couple acres.  Had to see for myself this lion that was making all the noise before.  It’s 2 female lions, apparently they lost their male last year, he was old.  These girls are getting on in years too.  They have a small petting zoo there with some goats, chickens (our 5 AM alarm), mule, pony, pot bellied pig, camel, giraffe.  We walked through the enclosure but didn’t feed them.   They appear to take very good care of the animals, but can’t help feeling that they should be running free in their native wild lands.
At the Zoo (7)   At the Zoo (13)
This guy would wave bye bye                   Anyone for Thanksgiving Dinner
At the Zoo (14) At the Zoo (21)
                                                                   A white peacock??
At the Zoo (23)
Ok Joyce, don’t look…..
At the Zoo (8)
I was actually able to hang some of my laundry outside today.  I have a clothesline that sits on the ladder on the back of the rig.  First time I’ve been able to do that. 
They are doing some major construction here at the park, they are adding another huge pond, tennis courts and I don’t know what else.  Consequently, the water down at this end of the park has been shut off periodically.  When we switched sites, we were told the water would be off until end of the work day.  So before we left the other site I just made sure I filled up the onboard water tank.  It was off again yesterday for about 2 hours.  And will be off tomorrow for a few hours.  It’s not a big deal, if you have water in your tank.  But because of the inconvenience to their patrons, they gave each of us a $25 gift certificate for Wal-Mart.  That works for me!!  Then today they came around and said they will be having a BBQ, on them, on Saturday, just bring your chairs and yourselves.  That works for me too.  Nice people and this place is so clean.  I love having concrete sites and the road is concrete also.  So even when it rains there is no mud.  Dogs get wet feet but that’s it.    What a bonus that is especially with having 2 big dogs.

Until later..take care


  1. nothing like a big goofy dog to make life interesting!!!..

  2. you can keep the snakes........Joyce

  3. Glad to see you're finally getting some warm weather! Our 'pocket dogs' love the dog park here. Most dogs do, it's great exercise for them.