Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Shepherdsville, Kentucky

First let me welcome The Bayfield Bunch.  I have been following Al & Kelly’s blog for some time and really enjoy his posts.  Thanks Al.

It sure was a cold night, but we were all warm and toasty in the rig.  Furnaces ran, space heaters cranked up and electric blanket turned on.  Both dogs went to bed with blankets on and left them on.  There was ice on the inside of the front window this morning. 

We arrived in Shepherdsville, Kentucky about 3:30 today.  We decided to fill up the water tank and run from that.  We had brought several jugs of water, but it such a pain having no water at the taps.  It’s such a nuisance  to flush all the anti freeze out of the lines, and I always find that there is so much air in the lines that I really have to run water from the main water supply first, before running from the pump.  Lot’s of frothy water going on for awhile.  I put a utility light in the pump bay cause it is supposed to go down to 28 F here tonight. 

It was a good drive here.  It was very sunny, the roads were clear and the traffic was AOK. 

I think that we are the only travellers in the campground.  There are several, what look like, permanent RV’s or are here for storage for the winter.  We had choice of any spot we liked.  But we still couldn’t get a signal on our ExpressVu box.  There are lots of trees overhead even if they are missing leaves.  So I’m hoping that is the problem.  But there are oodles of channels that we are picking up on the the regular old antenna.

Tomorrow’s destination is Cullman, Alabama.  I sure hope the weather starts to really warm up. 

Take care….really tired tonight…


  1. glad you are all toasty warm!..spring will be here eventually!!

  2. My motto, right or wrong, has always been to keep the peddle to the metal & get as far south as fast as we can. With winter starts we always left Ontario 'winterized.' We used the toilet facilities with a mixture of pink plumbing stuff & water in jugs. Worked fine & nothing ever froze up in the tank.