Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Woodpecker ?? and Arthur gets a new toy

We had some heavy rain yesterday morning.  The weatherperson had predicted it to go on all day, but they were wrong.  This is one time I was so glad they were.  It only rained for about a couple hours then stopped.  The day never got nice, overcast all day, but warm and no more rain.  So that was just fine with us.  When you have 2 big dogs that want out all the time rain is not a good thing.  It appeared that the whole park was taking advantage of the weather to hole up in their rigs.  Didn’t see too many out and about,  just the occasional person with a dog who ‘had a need’.  Guess people were catching up on e-mail, bill paying, blogging and surfing along with some TV and probably some much need housework.

Today dawned sunny and clear albeit a tad chilly.  There’s a lovely breeze just the right kind to dry clothes on the line.  So that is just what I did, popped a load in the washer and hung it outside. 

We took off to pick up a few odds and sods and some more dog food.  When we got home I could here this tap tap tapping.  Thought it was the work guys doing some kind of repair, but it appeared to be right overhead.  I looked up and saw (I think) a woodpecker.  Very small, but doing woodpecker things, like tapping on the truck of this palm tree.  I didn’t have time to change my lens so quickly zoomed in as best I could and took a picture.
PICT0002 That’s him right in the middle.

While we were shopping I picked up a scrunchy tunnel for Arthur.  He’s always looking for things to play with, I have a laser light which he loves.  He was a bit wary of it at first, then got a little braver until he went in head first and scared himself.  He then got in a huff,  walked away and climbed into his bed without a backward glance.  It was quite funny.
PICT0004 PICT0005 PICT0007

He’d had enough!!

Until later..take care.


  1. If Arthur doesn't grow to like his tube, Simon says he'll take it!!! He's never had a tube with a skylight before!

  2. Nice looking tube! I wonder if my puppy Rylie would like one of those?

  3. nice tube for Arthur..but there is nothing like a catnap on the dash!!