Thursday, 13 January 2011


First, a warm welcome to RV Life is Good and The MoHo and other Travelling Tales.  Welcome and thanks for joining.  I don’t blog everyday, but I try at least 3 or 4 times a week when we’re on the road.

Hibernating.  Yes, that’s what we’ve basically been doing.  Crawled into our ‘cave’ and stayed there.  Well that’s not 100% true.  We did venture out yesterday long enough to pick up some food at Wal-Mart, go to a RV store to order a new ceramic cartridge for our water filter (could have sworn I had a spare) and check out a pet store that sells raw food for dogs.  Today we are going out for dinner and this afternoon we are going to hit Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. 

Even the pool has a blanket on it..
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We tried to get a new campsite as this one gets zippo sun and believe me in this weather you need every drop you can get.  But they are booked up or will be in a few weeks, and it’s not worth moving for a few weeks then have to move back again.  Those of you with rigs know what a pain it is to pack up and steady everything down for transport.  The one good thing about this site (actually 2) is there is no one behind us except Leo roaring all day, not a problem, and we are really protected from any wind.  Hopefully once it gets warmer we won’t miss having the sun on us all day.

Last night was probably the coldest, at least down here, that we’ve had so far.  We had colder on the trip down.  The bins stayed very warm at 47 F and 57F.  We had disconnected the water hose and ran off of onboard water.  This morning when we went to connect, the tap at the post was slightly frozen, Ken had to warm it up with the lighter.  Can you imagine the trouble we would have had if we hadn’t of disconnected the hose?  This cold is expected to stay around for a couple more days.  Good thing because I am sick to death of it.  Don’t mind cool, but this is ridiculous!

Outside Ripley’s                       Made of matchsticks

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Ken just got back from taking the dogs to the dog park and they had a good run so now they have crashed.  Jackson, particularly, needs a good run as he is a young, energetic dog.  Maggie, being an old girl and having bad legs, not so much.  But every so often she gives it a go, pays the price later with soreness though.  Hey, I can really relate to that!!

I must say they take very good care of this campground.  They have a large grounds crew that always seem to be out and about clearing leaves, grass and raking up.  They collect the garbage all day until 3 PM.  Just set it out at your curb.  I haven’t checked out the bathhouses and I really should just to see how they are so I can report.  Not having to use them I forget to check them out but I know that it is important to some people so I will soon.  If the rest of the place is any indication then I’m sure they’re spotless.

I’ll finish this up after we get back from Ripley’s.

Ripley’s was very interesting.  But didn’t think $15.99 each was a fair price.  But we paid anyway and enjoyed it.  Weird stuff that’s for sure.

And here’s Mr. Cool Cat..
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Until later .. take care


  1. I sure hope it warms up for you soon down there. Ripley's looked like an interesting place to visit.

  2. just another day!..even in a motorhome!..enjoy and try and stay warm!!

  3. Not nice being stuck inside an RV for any length of time during cold weather. I've noticed over the years that the weather down in that Florida/Georgia area just seems to be sooooo unpredictible nowadays. Don't remember the weather being that bad years ago. Brrrrr!!

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, Ruth. What is the name of your park with the lion for background music? Hope things warm up for you soon!