Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Packing Up

So now it starts, the many, many trips out to the rig.  I really don’t mind it in the summer time, but this time of year, I must put on decent shoes, no sandals and a coat.  And although I’m running a small heater in the rig, it only keeps it at about 45 F.  Workable, but only as long as I’m moving. 

I checked out the 2 furnaces to make sure they were working, the back one gave us a little trouble on our southwest trip.  But they seemed to be just fine and were belching out the heat.  But I don’t leave them on as they use a fair bit of propane.  Surprisingly it is very difficult to find propane here.  Oh there are lots of places to fill up your BBQ tank, but they don’t have the adapter for motorhome propane tanks.  It’s a real pain.  The first stop on our trip does not have propane either, but  I contacted them and there’s a place 2 miles down the road.  We will ensure that our tank is topped up before stopping for the night.  It’s at 2/3 right now, but I know we will have to run the front furnace while driving as it gets chilly in there.  If it was just Ken and myself we’d be ok with the dash heat but we have 3 fur traveling buddies.  We do have the Extend A Trip adapter though on our tank so we can hook up a regular propane tank (which we keep in the car while travelling) if we run out and can’t find a place to fill up.  In the US there are alot more places where you can fill up.  Flying J for example.

I suppose that I am about 1/3 packed up.  I’m in the write it down and check it off mode now.

Rick and Paulette must be almost at their first stop for the night.   How exciting to be taking your first big trip in your brand spanking new 5er.  And it sure looks like a beauty.  I wish them a safe trip to their winter digs.

I’m still undecided about the water situation.  I know that our rig is supposed to be just fine using onboard water at these temperatures.  But I’m a worry wart and I’m thinking that for the first night we’ll dry camp.  I have lots of bottled water and the campground even has heated water taps.  But it won’t kill us for 1 night to dry camp. 

Don’t think I’d be blogging again before 2011 so I want to wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.

Happy RVing….


  1. hi there..just found your blog through Rick and Paulette's..going to ride along for a while..happy packing!!!

  2. Sounds like you are going thru the same process we did prior to leaving. We made it and enjoyed our first night on the road and I'm sure you will too.

    It was freezing here last night in Centralia and all the outside water hoses were frozen. I switched over to onboard water and had no problems at all. We just use the tank water for showers, dishes, cleaning etc. and use bottled water for drinking.