Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Truro, Nova Scotia

Tree Sculpture Today is a free day unless you signed up for the Tidal Bore Rafting, which we didn't. Will update later when they get back. Man they will freeze, it's very nippy here today. Furnace ran all night.
We are going into the town of Truro later on. They have some tree sculptures we want to see. Apparently a few years ago the trees were ravaged with Dutch Elm disease and when they cut them down they left the stumps, most quite large in height. So someone, who knows who that was, decided that local artists should carve the stumps. I have seen pictures of them and they look quite good, so we are going to try and find them and check it out. Other than that don't think there is alot of see and do here.
Last night was a bit of a mix up. They had scheduled a supper put on for us by the local fire brigade, but our leaders told us they had been trying for 2 weeks via email to confirm this and had not heard one thing back. So they found a local restaurant for us and we were going to go in shifts as it couldn't handle all of us in one go. We were going with the 3rd shift. So the 1st shift set off and we went back to the MH to have a drink and watch some TV (we finally have cable and get more than 2 channels). One of the leaders knocked on our door and said that they had heard from the fire brigade and they were expecting us. So off we went, and off they went to get the people that had gone to the other restaurant. They had finished their meal by this time so they came back to the fire brigade for dessert. The meal was alright, didn't knock our socks off, actually think we would have preferred the other place, oh well.
Will pick this up later.............
Not much more to add..we drove into town, but there really isn't much there. We did check out some of the 'tree statues' cute but that's it.
Heading for Annapolis Royal tomorrow.

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