Sunday, 5 July 2009

Relaxing Day

Today was a free day, meaning no tours etc. We drove into Summerside about 22 miles away. Cute little town, but it was Sunday, and nothing much was open. We needed to go to Canadian Tire and had to sit and wait for it to open at 12 noon. Any stores that do open don't open til then. Came back and did some RV cleaning, just like a house it needs to be cleaned. Bummer.
Tonight was a lobster dinner with the group at a restaurant just down the road. It was very good. They have a salad bar there that is about 60 feet long. They had mussels there too. Ate my fill of lobster and mussels.
It rained here all day, poured and poured. Tonight it has stopped but it is on the cool side. I actually had to put the furnace on. I imagine over night it will be quite chilly.
Tomorrow we are going into Charlottetown and then later to the theatre to see a production of (what else) Anne of Green Gables.
I won't blog tomorrow as there will not be much to say. The day after that is a travel day and we are heading to Nova Scotia. It will be a long day as it is 158 miles.
Till then..take care.

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