Saturday, 11 July 2009


Lunenburg was only 86 miles from our last destination. Today is a free day, no gatherings, no 5 PM social. Tomorrow is some tour of a Fisheries Museum.
It is about a 5 minute walk to the town of Lunenburg, so we'll probably walk there, maybe later tonight.
We are going to celebrate the 13th tomorrow as there is a seafood restaurant in Lunenburg we want to go to. And as the next stop is Halifax, it's a rather large city and we might not be able to find somewhere we want to go.
The drive today was up, down, over, around, over hill and dale on country roads. I do not do well with that kind of driving. Needless to say, I hurled !!! Lovely..was so impressed. Held it as long as I could, then went and grabbed a garbage bag. I guess some of you are saying why not run back to the toilet. Nope the coach really sways back there and it would have made me feel worse. Once we settled in and I got some fresh air I felt better. Man, haven't been car sick in ages.
As there is nothing on today, I'll leave it til tomorrow. This is supposed to be a very pretty, colourful town, so looking forward to that.
Campground is fine, lots of space between sites. We put our awning out for the very first time ever. Awesome!!
Till later then..take care.

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