Saturday, 4 July 2009

Touring Cavendish

Cavendish PEI (32) Lawn furniture made from tree stumps?


Cavendish PEI (19)  Whalebone garden

Cavendish PEI (2) Red cliffs

Cavendish PEI (20) Old fisherman talking with our bus driver

Cavendish PEI (24) Lobster pots and drying gum boots

Ken & Ruth at LM's Home At LM Montgomery's home

Today we went on a bus tour and lunch then more bus touring. We went to the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery. For those of you who don't know who she is, she is PEI's pride and joy and she wrote Anne of Green Gables. Everything around here is Green Gables this and Green Gables that. Then we drove to the Cavendish Dunelands Park. This overlooks the ocean. The soil here is just as they say, red. Very pretty park.
Then we drove to a cute little fishing village called Rustic. Perched right on the edge of the ocean. They are mostly all lobster fisherman there, but the season for lobsters just finished so they are hauling all the pots and putting them away until next season. Picture postcard village. As we were leaving we saw this house with a woman tending a small garden. The garden was enclosed in a edging but the edging wasn't wood. It is a jawbone of a whale what washed up on shore 80 years ago. And the old fisherman who lives there was the cutest thing. Typical east coast fisherman.
Old Church
We had some lunch and continued our touring of some more small villages and and very old church. Very beautiful. We also went to an artist's gallery. This is where, I'm supposing local artists, display their wares. The stuff there was unbelievable! Art work, furniture, crafts. Very, very expensive. Our group leader calls those kind of stores, Separation stores, cause they separate you from you money. They had some very unique pieces made from what looked like stumps of wood, but really neat, especially for the backyard.
We got back to the campground about 3:30, dogs were fine but then we had someone come in at around noon to take them for a walk and a piddle.
There's a storm brewing (what else is new), the wind has picked up and I hear thunder. Tomorrow is a nice and relax day, but there is a lobster dinner.

Til then...take care.

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