Sunday, 12 July 2009

Lunenburg Day #2

Lunenberg NS (26)  

Lunenburg from wharf

  Lunenberg NS (5) 

Lunenburg from across the bay              

 Blue Nose

Blue Nose and Trophies                      

Model of BlueNose 
Model of the Bluenose                                 
    Lunenberg NS   
Ken and some wench he picked up  
    Lunenberg NS (27) 
    Typical downeast dory
Today dawned rainy, cloudy, windy and chilly. Lovely!! Anyway you gotta do what you gotta do, so we all head down to the Maritime Fisheries Museum. I'm thinking what could be so interesting about a fisheries museum?? Well, I was surprised. This was very interesting. We learned about the fishing that was done many, many years ago.
There had a very interesting illustration of the Grand Banks. It was like a topographical map. Showing the depths and currents etc. They have live ocean fish in tanks, cod, lobsters, flounder, salmon and others I can't remember. We were told the story of the original Bluenose and they had artifacts there from the original ship. They had the trophies that the Bluenose won racing. There was a memorial room listing from 1925 the names of sailors lost here at sea. Records prior to that were lost. Amazing, there were lots and lots of names, and the same surname appeared year after year. So these families were obviously always fishermen.
The building that the museum was housed used to be the ice and salt house for the region. Beautiful old building. They would store the salt there that the boats used to store the cod in while at sea. They would clean them, and store them in salt while at sea to preserve them.
We then went and had lunch at a restaurant on the wharf. Not an easy task as there are so many to choose from. We chose well though, because we had fish and chips and it was one of the very best we have ever had. Also had a Caesar (the drink) and it was excellent. There was so much food that neither of us want supper.
Lunenburg is a beautiful town. It is built on a drumlin (I'd never heard of them either) and the town can be quite difficult to walk around in because of this. Very steep hills. If you've every been to Quebec City, it's very much like that. Up, down, up down, really, really steep hills. Actually, one lady in the caravan had to be taken to the hospital because she threw her back out walking these hills. She was having muscle spasms and was in a great deal of pain. She is doing better now.
Tomorrow is a free day before and after we leave here. It's only about 50 miles from here so it should be a short drive. Hopefully no more winding roads, don't think my stomach could handle anymore.
Just before the 5 PM social hour the sun came out and it's been out since. But they are predicting rain tonight, AND tomorrow. Wonderful, here we go again.

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