Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Halifax Day 3

Halifax Maritime Museum (5)  Halifax Maritime Museum (7) 

Wood panelling found floating after Titanic sank

Halifax Maritime Museum (6)Halifax Maritime Museum (3) 
     Child’s Shoes                                               Deck chair found floating
Halifax Maritime Museum (2)
Model of Titanic

Today was a free day, so we ventured into Halifax and went to the Maritime museum. I guess if you are really interested in maritime facts etc., you would find it very interesting. We only found it moderately so. We really went to see the Titanic exhibit, but it was disappointing. There was very little there in the way of artifacts, and all the facts I already knew. The ship models were very beautiful and we enjoyed those.
Tomorrow is a long day 212 miles. We have to be on our way by 8 AM.
Till later then...take care.

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