Friday, 10 July 2009

Annapolis Royal

Port Royal Botanical Gardens NS (4) Historical Gardens

Port Royal Habitation NS Habitation compound

Fort Anne NS Fort Ann

Fort Anne NS Fort Ann

Annapolis Royal NS (30) Ken avoiding the mosquitoes in graveyard .. they were very bad.

Annapolis Royal NS (12)

Annapolis Royal NS (16) Graveyard at night...

Yesterday we arrived here in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. It was about a 4-hour drive from our last destination. Their Internet is, apparently, broken, supposed to be fixed today. So far, it is not. My air card has been working on and off. Probably because we are in a bit of a gully here. My cell phone also doesn’t get too great a signal.
We had a free day after we got here and there was an optional graveyard tour. This is the oldest graveyard in Canada. The tour starts at 9:30 PM, you are all issued lanterns with candles inside. There were approximately 60 of us traipsing around the graveyard in the dead of night. I looked for ghosts but didn’t see any. What there were was tons and tons and mosquitoes!!!
Today there was a tour of a habitation. This was a type of settlement where only men lived in. They worked the land, did woodworking and lived peacefully together. Approximately about 20 men. It appeared to be a type of early monastery even though they did not call it that. It was very interesting.
Then we went off to some Historical gardens. Very beautiful, huge rose garden with many, many types of roses. There was more variety of plants in the whole garden than I have seen at most nurseries. It also had a German coffee shop where we had lunch. Simple lunch, soup, sandwich and dessert, but very good.
We then headed for Fort Anne, which is, as the name says as fort. Unfortunately the buildings are gone, but the land fortress remains. They dug the land up for protection in the shape of a star, huge hills which protected the buildings against cannon fire from the ships in the river. More information can be read here
The rest of the afternoon we spent back at the MH relaxing, having a beer. Yesterday and today was a divine day, sunny, warm but not too warm. Tonight is a free night. Tomorrow we head for Lunenburg, about 86 miles away. Nice short drive.
Ok guys..let me know if you're reading this blog..comments now and then would be great...

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