Friday, 19 February 2010

What a start to our trip !!!

Well this is a auspicious start to our 6 week trip!!! The drive was great, got here by 230 PM. We were thinking isn't this great, get setup, relax and have a lovely evening. NOT !!!
In order for us to put our jacks down and then put out our slides, you have to apply the parking brake. If you don't, neither of these 2 things work. Well we applied the parking brake, the brake itself worked, but the light on the dash didn't come on. So because of that, the jacks, and the slides think the brake isn't on. And consequently, the slides won't go out. So here we sit, all jammed in the RV with no slides out. We tried everything, finally called a mechanic and have an appointment tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Hopefully it isn't anything too serious. But this just sucks. It's somewhat tight in here with the 4 of us, but we're coping.
The campground appears really nice, a few RV'ers here. Some look like they are staying here for the winter, some, like us, passing through. We haven't bothered with connecting the water, but I think we could, they have a heating pipe on each of the outlets, but I think it may freeze between their heated pipes and our intake. For a 1 day we'll manage.
Well, hopefully tomorrow brings good news for our problem. Keep you posted.

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