Sunday, 14 February 2010

5 Days to Go

It's countdown time..Picked up the MH last Thursday and have been slowly getting it packed up and ready to go.
I didn't like the mirror backsplash that was behind the stove and beside the kitchen sink so I installed a new backsplash called Smart Tiles. They are vinyl tiles that are adhesive and look like real tile. Will make my life much easier. It was a really bugger trying to keep those mirrors clean after washing dishes and cooking something on the stovetop.
It was a little chilly working out there even though I did have a small ceramic heater running, had to turn on the main furnace a one point. That worked!!!! was warm in no time.
Don't like loading up in this cold weather, but what can you do???
Weather permitting, we will take off first thing Friday morning. First stop planned is Monroe, Michigan.
Till later...take care..

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