Friday, 26 February 2010

Destination Reached !!

We made it to Lakeland today. All setup and enjoying not having to move, for a week, anyway. We have a pretty nice spot, under some trees, with a concrete patio. That is great, it if rains, no doggie dirty feet.
Ken's family here, get together every Friday night with a bunch of friends, they go out to a restaurant then go back to someone's place and play cards. This week because Ken's brother and wife are heading home on Monday, and his sister and husband, just arrived yesterday, one of their friends had a little celebration at their place. They had BBQed hotdogs/hamburgers with all the trimmings. It was very nice. No card playing for us, I hate playing cards. Then we went to Walmart and picked up some groceries and other items we needed.
Just relaxing and enjoying the warmer weather. Although it's not super warm, it is certainly warmer than where we were last night.
Probably won't update the blog everyday now, since we're here and won't be much interesting stuff, just now and then.
Till later...take care.

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  1. pictures...where are the pictures? Glad you made it safe and sound. xo Mikey & Robz