Saturday, 20 February 2010

What a day...

What a day !!!! First off we had to take the MH to the mechanic due to our problem yesterday and there we lucked out. We thought it was a loose wire because the light would flicker and that’s exactly what it was. Actually it was a short because the wires were barely touching causing it to short and burn out the wire. He fixed it and we were on our way. Mind you 2 hours behind time but hey it wasn’t major and it didn’t cost us a cent. Still under warranty. BONUS.
We arrived at the next night’s stop which was deemed a nice park. Yeah right. What a piece of crap it was. Each site was covered in snow, but we decided to find one that didn’t have much and just spend the night as were tired. WE GOT STUCK IN THE SNOW. Took us 1 ½ hours to get out. We shovelled and put pieces of wood under the tires and some nice man that was living in his trailer in the park came with a much bigger shovel and some more wood and got us out. We decided against staying. So I got on my cell phone again $$$$ and phoned Coach-Net to find another spot. This one was 40 miles down the road and it’s the Kentucky Horse Track Park. Very nice really. No staff here they go by the honour system, you put your money in an envelope and leave it in a mailbox. Wonder how many don’t?
We got our slides out and are quite comfortable now. Think we’ll turn in early tonight.
Wonder what’s up for tomorrow???

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  1. Wow! You sure have had some adventures already! Hope it gets better for you. P.S. we have no snow! It was 6 degrees yesterday and beautiful and sunny today.

    I did visit with Karen and Thom. They are doing well. Karen has amazing strength and they are both very positive. I'd love to do a dogwalking dinner when you guys get back..somewhere between the jack and jill and the wedding! lol|!! Have fun. I enjoy reading your blog. xo